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The Vendo Company was founded in 1937 in Kansas City, Missouri, as a manufacturer of vending machines for bottled soft drinks. Today machines such as the Vendo 81, Vendo 39, Vendo 56, Vendo 110, and other are some of the most desirable machines around. In 1956 the Vendo company decided to acquire the Vendolator company which at the time produced almost identical machines. After the acquisition Vendo moved from Kansas City to Fresno California where they are still located today.

Click on the images below for detailed machine information
Vendo 17
Vendo 23
Vendo 39
Vendo 39/139 Master
Vendo 39/139 Standard
Vendo 44
Vendo 56
Vendo 59
Vendo 80
Vendo 81
Vendo V39 Standard
Vendo 110
Vendo 144
Vendo 410
Vendo 6 Case
Vendo Junior (123)
Vendo 83
Vendo Milk Machine
Vendo Changer
Vendo Square Corner Machines
Vendo 45 Decorator Door
Vendo HA56B
Vendo HA56A
Vendo 56 Decoratorr
Vendo H63B
Vendo H63C
Vendo VR63 Queen Ann
Vendo 63 ??
Vendo 77
Vendo H90B
Vendo 92
Vendo MA110
Vendo 123
Vendo 125
Vendo H126A
Vendo H126B
Vendo H126
Vendo H126E
Vendo 154   
More Vendo Machines will be added soon.







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